Program Name: Bachelor of Arts in Economics
School: School of Humanities
Program Duration: 36 months / 3 Years (6 Semesters)
Tution Fee: K18,000.00 (K3,000.00 per semester) - E-learning / Distance Edu.
Exam Fee: K200.00 (Per Semester)
Application Form: K150.00
Registration Fee : K100.00 (Per Semester)
Enrollment Dates: Now Enrolling
Program Requirements:
Program Description
Program Outline
YEARSemester Course Outline
YEAR 1 1
Community-Based Monitoring System
Management Information Systems 1
Microeconomics 1
Organizational Behavior
Business Communication/Communication Skills
Ethics and Social Responsibility
YEAR 1 2
Higher Mathematics 1
Human Resource Management
Project Planning and Management 1
Statistics 1
Research Methodology
Macroeconomics 1
YEAR 2 3
Higher Mathematics 2
Managerial Accounting
Statistics 2
Intermediate Macroeconomics 1
Intermediate Microeconomics 1
Mathematics For Economics
YEAR 2 4
Intermediate Macroeconomics 2
Intermediate Microeconomics 2
Business Economics
Economics of Government
Econometrics Theory and Application 1
YEAR 3 5
Final Year Project
Econometrics Theory and Application 2
Advanced Macroeconomics
Advanced Microeconomics
Development Economics
Statistics for Economics and Finance
YEAR 3 6
Money, Banking and Financial Marketing
Labour Economics
International Economics
Industrial Economics
Financial Management
Public Sector Economics