Program Name: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Practice and Development
School: School of Humanities
Program Duration: 36 months / 3 Years (6 Semesters)
Tution Fee: K18,000.00 (K3,000.00 per semester) - E-learning / Distance Edu.
Exam Fee: K200.00 (Per Semester)
Application Form: K150.00
Registration Fee : K100.00 (Per Semester)
Enrollment Dates: Now Enrolling
Program Requirements: Grade 12 Certificate with atleast 5 credits
Program Description
Introduction: Social work and Development Studies is the process or effort of increasing the positive outcomes within a community by linking individuals and organizations working toward common ends. The people who are marginalized or living in poverty work together to identify their needs, create change,excert more influence on decisions which they live, and the society of which they are part. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The ultimate goal of this program is to impart knowledge, skills,values and attitudes as well as provide global view of social change development and responding to the social, political and economic needs of the society as identified by our environment as well as enable students to face the challenges of the 21 Century. It also underlines the importance of offering learners the opportunity to work together on the joint projects, tasks and development more complex effectiveness and competence in poverty eradication efforts. CAREER PROSPECTS FOR GRADUATES: The Social Work Practice & Development degree and Diploma prepare learners for diverse employment environments including the government, private and non-government. These may include international organizations dealing in development-based interventions like Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam, Care International, as well as a variety of United Nations, IMF, World Bank and This other bigger Institutions. Locally the learners can be absorbed in Local Governments as Community Development officers, Social Workers, on government administrators and program managers not to mention the hundreds of NGOs operating in the country and the region.
Program Outline
YEARSemester Course Outline
YEAR 1 1
Community-Based Monitoring System
Management Information Systems 1
Organizational Behavior
Social Work 1
Business Communication/Communication Skills
YEAR 1 2
Ethics and Social Responsibility
Human Rights and Development
Introduction to Public administration
Microeconomics 1
Social Psychology
Research Methodology
YEAR 2 3
Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
Macro Social Work
Project Planning and Management 1
Statistics 1
Macroeconomics 1
Development Psychology
YEAR 2 4
Political Science/ Philosophy
HIV Management & Counseling
Gender and Development
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation 1
Managerial Accounting
Approaches to Development
YEAR 3 5
Final Year Project
NGOs and Development
Development Economics
Food Security in Developing Country
Human Resource Management
Social Work Legal Framework
Disaster Management
YEAR 3 6
Conflict Management
Policy Analysis and Implementation
Public Relations
Public Finance
Social Work Ethics
Local Government Administration