Program Name: Master in Development Studies
School: School of Humanities
Program Duration: 18 months / 1.5 Years (3 Semesters)
Tution Fee: K18,000 (K6,000 per semester) - E-learning / Distance Edu.
Exam Fee: K200.00 (Per Semester)
Application Form: K50.00
Registration Fee : K100.00 (Per Semester)
Enrollment Dates: Now Enrolling
Program Requirements:
Program Description
Program Outline
YEARSemester Course Outline
YEAR 1 1
Organizational Behavior
Development Studies 1
Human Resource Management
Management Information Systems 1
Community-Based Monitoring System
Research Methodology
YEAR 1 2
Contemporary Issues in Humanities
Introduction to Public administration
Managerial Accounting
Masters¡¯ Thesis
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation 2
Project Appraisal
Strategic Management
YEAR 2 3
Accountability in Public Administration
Corporate Finance
Development Economics
Disaster Management
Economics of Government
Gender and Development
History of Development and Underdevelopment
Local Government Administration