In its quest to foster innovation and capacity building for national development, the Zambia Research and Development Centre (ZRDC) has embarked on a sponsorship program (ZRDC University Sponsorship for Capacity Building and Development) to facilitate Knowledge Advancement among ZRDC Researchers and those who intend to join the research community. The sponsorship program will enable qualified Zambian citizens attain education in Credible Universities in Zambia, and have guaranteed future prospects of joining the ZRDC research community.

A prospective Student with an admission letter or any student from a credible University in Zambia is eligible to apply for sponsorship.

Application Procedure

Enter your application reference number (ICU/09/2015) or your student number below and login to access the online sponsorship application form. Once Logged in, fill in the necessary fields and click on submit. When the online application has been successful, the sponsorship forms will be sent to your email address. Download and fill in the forms. Complete application forms can be submitted to the Coordinator of Sponsorship, Office of Capacity Building and Development, anytime throughout the year. The committee for sponsorship sits at the end of each month to select students for sponsorship.

Reference No/ Student ID